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 Amsterdam 2023!


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Thank you for helping out at Empowered21 and or Everyone.


“To reach everyone, we need everyone.”


Down below you will find the following options to participate as a volunteer.
To set up the event we are seeking for people who want to help us prior or after the event to set up or break down activities.
These activities are for everyone possible and is mainly placing or stacking chairs and tables and hanging in curtains.

These are the days and times specially for this group:

Sunday 18th of June      From 18:30-22:00 (hanging in curtains)

Monday 19th of June     From 09:00-17:00 and from18:00-22:00 (Placing Chairs and tables, hanging in curtains, set up stage)

Tuesday 20th of June     From 09:00-17:00 (Placing Chairs and tables, hanging in curtains, Signing)

Friday 23rd of June         From 16:00-01:00 (Stacking Chairs and tables, folding curtains)

Saturday 24th of June    From 08:00-12:00 (Stacking Chairs and tables, folding curtains, stage break up)



Other possible positions:

  1.  Transport guests and bands (preferably available from 19 to 25 June);
  2. Catering staff for showing visitors around, scanning tickets and welcoming them at the door (preferably available all day from 19 to 24 June);
  3. Translators from English to Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and possibly other languages (preferably available 19-24 June);
  4. Security guards, preferably with BHV (preferably available all day from 20 to 24 June);
  5. Guest contacts/guides (available June 18-25);
  6. Information stand employees (preferably available all day, from 20 to 24 June);
  7. Office team (preferably available full days and several days from 19 to 24 June);
  8. Catering staff (preferably available all days, and several days from 19 to 24 June);
  9. General support workers: construction and dismantling employees, support during a short while (preferably full days, and available for several days, from 19 to 25 June);


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If you want to choose several teams to participate in as a volunteer, first complete your first choice and then start over for your next choice. It is not yet possible to choose multiple options directly. For your second registration you need to use a different email adres.

Be aware that the conference is in English.


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