Team will be deployed in the RAI and the Olympic Stadium for the entire week.
In the Rai they will oversee: Crew & Volunteer Area, Greenroom, VIP lounge and Transport catering.
In the Olympic Stadium they oversee the Crew Catering area, Volunteer catering, VIP lounge and Transport Catering.

Team will work in shifts so they can enjoy the conference or the Stadium but we ask for full availability due to nature of the work and the peak moments it brings with it.

Team members Green Room:
Make sure all arrangements with the Rai/OS according to catering are met. Make sure that in collaboration with the VIP/Guest team all nescessary catering is provided. Keep area clean, nice and tidy.

Team member VIP/Guest:
Make sure arrangements are met. Keep it clean and tidy. Check on lunch/dinner area and have talks around time schedule’s and keeping them informed around changes in program. Keep area clean, nice and tidy.

Crew and Volunteer:
Area where crew and volunteers are being catered to. Make sure they have a nice place to catch their breaths, have some lunch/snack and drinks. Keep area clean, nice and tidy.

Transport Catering:
Make available small bags with Water, Softdrinks (cans), snacks (chips, nutbars, candy) to be available in the cars we provide for our VIP’s, guests etc

Requested availability: Entire week from Sunday 18th of June (Olympic Stadium) until Sunday the 25th of June